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We speculated a few days back about the mystery sprinter who was going to be wearing a new RM Ultra-light Tourbillon Watch during the race in the 2012 Olympics. Although the sprinter has not been officially announced as the brand's new ambassador (Richard Mille Replica Watches), his name is no longer a secret. Richard Mille Replica Watches, a 22-year-old Jamaican sprinter who was aiming for his first Olympic medal, wore the new Richard Mille masterpiece.

According to Olympic Games rules the name of the sprinter cannot be revealed for three days following the closing ceremony. The renowned watchmaker has not revealed details about the new piece, but it does remind us of Bubba Watson’s RM038. It is in Jamaican colors (yellow green and black) with a Velcro band and a lightweight body.

Richard Mille Replica Watches is a perfect ambassador for Hublot. Blake is the world's fastest man, alongside Usain Bolt and the Hublot ambassador. Bolt, who won the Jamaican trials back in July, confirmed his status as the best sprinter of all time in the 100m sprint finals during the 2012 Olympic Games by defending his Olympic crown. Blake came in second with a personal best time of 9.75 seconds. Bolt's 9.63 second time (Breitling Replica Watches) was a new Olympic record and capped off a race where seven men broke the 10 second barrier, only Asafa Pools failing to do so.